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Fake Money Detector

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Portable Multi-Currency Counterfeit Detector (Model Name, Pro-detector)
Korean patent registration (Registration number 10-1515804)

The Pro-detector is a portable counterfeit detector.
It can distinguish special printings such as infrared printing, UV printing and magnetic
printing and find the counterfeit currencies and securities at once.

-Awarded (1) Special Prize by the Korea Institute of Patent Information and (2) the Gold Prize
  in Seoul International Invention Exhibition in Dec. 2014.
-Also, won Silver Prize in Geneva International Invention Exhibition in Apr. 2015.

Detecting Function : IR , UV, MG
Power : DC 5V USB
Battery : 480mAh
Screen : 2.4 inch TFT LED
Net Weight : 60g
Dimension : 92 X 52 X 17 mm

-Detecting Infrared Printing
You can check the infrared printed part of a paper currency through the infrared camera.
-Detecting UV Printing
You can check the UV printed part of a paper currency by giving UV LED to it.
-Detecting Magnetic Printing
You can check the magnetic printed part of a paper currency by rubbing it with a magnetic sensor.

3.Product use
-Duty Free Shop
You can immediately detect counterfeit money and show the evidence to customers to reduce misunderstandings and conflicts in in-flight, airport or downtown duty free shops where a lot of foreign currencies are used.
-Bank or Currency Exchange
You can do more precise visual inspection for paper currencies already filtered by high-speed automatic counterfeit detectors to reduce time for processes of detecting and handling counterfeit money efficiently.
-Overseas Travel
 You can carry the product while travelling oversea to prevent financial loss incurred by  counterfeit money.

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Fake Money Detector